Torque For 4G Mitsubishi Engine

berikut ialah torque yang sepatutnya digunakan ketika mengikat skru atau nat pada bahagian enjin supaya enjin berada pada kedudukan terbaik dan dapat beroperasi dengan optimum. di bawah ini torque untuk enjin mitsubishi 4G91/92/93/63 dan boleh juga digunakan untuk enjin 4G13/15

alternator and ignition system
oil level gauge 13nm 10ft.lbs
distributor 12nm 9ft.lbs
ignition coil 10nm 7ft.lbs
spark plug 25nm 18ftlbs
crankshaft bolt 182nm 134ft.lbs
alternator brace (m8) 23nm 17ft.lbs
alternator brace (m10) 49nm 36ft.lbs
lock bolt 23nm 17ft.lbs
adjusting bolt 5nm 3ft.lbs
power steering pump pulley 25nm 19ft.lbs
power steering pump bracket stay 49nm 36ft.lbs
power steering pump bracket (m8) 21nm 16ft.lbs
power steering pump bracket (m10) 44nm 33ft.lbs
alternator pivot bolt 44nm 33ft.lbs
center cover 3nm 2ft.lbs
cam position sensor 9nm 7ft.lbs
cam position sensor support 13nm 10ft.lbs
cam position sensing cylinder 21nm 16ft.lbs
engine cover 2.9nm 2ft.lbs

timing belt
camshaft sprocket bolt 88nm 65ft.lbs
cam position sensor 9.8nm 7ft.lbs
crank angle sensor 9.8nm 7ft.lbs
timing belt lower cover 11nm 8ft.lbs
timing belt upper cover 11nm 8ft.lbs
timing belt tensioner 24nm 18ft.lbs
tensioner pulley bolt 49nm 36ft.lbs
tensioner arm bolt 44nm 33ft.lbs
auto tensioner bolt 13nm 10ft.lbs
idler pulley 36nm 27ft.lbs

fuel system and emission system
breather tube 21nm 16ft.lbs
fuel return pipe 9nm 7ft.lbs
delivery pipe 12nm 9ft.lbs
fuel pressure regulator 9nm 7ft.lbs
throttle body stay (MIVEC) 23nm 17ft.lbs
throttle body 19nm 14ft.lbs
throttle cable bracket 19nm 14ft.lbs
harness bracket 11nm 8ft.lbs

intake manifold and exhaust manifold
exhaust manifold (m8) 18nm 13ft.lbs
exhaust manifold (m10) 29nm 21ft.lbs
exhaus manifold bracket (m8) 19nm 24ft.lbs
heat protector 13nm 10ft.lbs
intake manifold 20nm 15ft.lbs
intake manifold stay 31nm 23ft.lbs
oxygen sensor 44nm 33ft.lbs

water pump and water hose
water pump bolt 24nm 18ft.lbs
water inlet pipe 14nm 10ft.lbs
thermostat case 24nm 18ft.lbs
water inlet fitting 19nm 14ft.lbs
water pipe 14nm 10ft.lbs
water outlet fitting 19nm 14ft.lbs
engine coolant temperature gauge unit 10nm 7ft.lbs
engine coolant temparature sensor 29nm 22ft.lbs
water fitting 24nm 18ft.lbs

rocker arms and chamshaft
lock nut 9nm 7ft.lbs
rocker arm shaft 31nm 23ft.lbs
harness bracket 10nm 7ft.lbs
rocker cover 3.5nm 3ft.lbs
bearing cap bolt (m6) 11nm 8ft.lbs
bearing cap bolt (m8) 24nm 18ft.lbs
beam camshaft cap (m6) 11nm 8ft.lbs
beam camshaft cap (m8) 21nm 16ft.lbs

rocker cover and camshaft (MIVEC)
rocker cover 4nm 3ft.lbs
oil pump 11nm 8ft.lbs
arm spring holder 11nm 8ft.lbs
camshaft bearing cap (m6) 11nm 8ft.lbs
camshaft bearing cap (m8) 23nm 17ft.lbs
oil control valve (mivec selenoid) 9nm 7ft.lbs

rocker arm and rocker shaft cam (MIVEC)
rocker shaft cap 11nm 8ft.lbs

cylinder head and valves
cylinder head bolt 74nm 55ft.lbs and then completely loosen
finally tighten 20nm 15ft.lbs + 90 degree + 90 degree
oil pressure switch 10nm 7ft.lbs

front case and oil pump
oil pump cover 10nm 7ft.lbs
oil pump case 14nm 10ft.lbs
relief plug 44nm 33ft.lbs
oil screen 19nm 14ft.lbs
oil pan 9nm 7ft.lbs
upper oil pan (m6) 9nm 7ft.lbs
upper oil pan (m8) 24nm 18ft.lbs
lower oil pan 11nm 8ft.lbs
cover 7nm 5ft.lbs
drain plug 39nm 29ft.lbs
oil pressure switch 10nm 7ft.lbs
transmission stay 23nm 17ft.lbs

piston and connecting rod
connecting rod cap nut 20nm 16ft.lbs + 90 degree to 100 degree

crankshaft, cylinder block, flywheel and driven plate
bearing cap bolt 25nm 19ft.lbs + 90 degree to 100 degree
oil seal case 11nm 8ft.lbs
rear plate 11nm 8ft.lbs
drive plate bolt 98nm 73ft.lbs
flywheel bolt 98nm 73ft.lbs
baffle plate 9nm 7ft.lbs
knock sensor 23nm 17ft.lbs

sekian, terima kasih
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Raidenovich said...

Bro,mana dapat list torque ni?Ada torque wrench pun kalau tak tau berapa nak set pun tak guna jugak.Good info!

yozz said...

agak2 berap hingget benda ni

jeff_tacra said...

yang besar harga rm300 ke atas, yang kecil 200 ke atas

cutimalaysia said...

bro, untuk 4g18 takde list ke bro? email ke bro..

Jeff Roble said...

Adakah bahagian yang ditong Nissan?

Distance Sensor

Anonymous said...

terbaik nih..dah ade torque wrench..senang gune senang kije..

Eddie said...

Kalau ada senang nak balancekan torque kat skru head dan block.

Good tool but pricy... hehe...

Anonymous said...

law beli tw besar pkai utk semua x?save bjet..

eJaT said...

salam cik..lau nk ikat gune torque wrench ni die ikut saiz skru ke cmne ek?-newbie-

aseng pakua said...

assalamualaikum bro...mne nk dpt torque yg kecik 2...?sy dh lme cri...harap bro blh tolong

Audy Zahri said...

bang, apa maksud tambah 90 degre 90 degree tu? maaf newbie

doctor cinta said...

Betul tu kwn pun nk tau gak

fariz harun said...

lps ikat 20nm utk conn rod kne pusing satu pusingn crankshaft dan ikat lg 90 degree skru tu brpndu pd torque wrench pnye..klau ikot jarum jam mknye prgerakn dr pkol 12 ke pkol 3..sembur minyak stiap bearing conn rod piston dgn bore tu bile pusing crankshaft..kne psg satu prsatu piston dlu..sbb stiap bearing baru yg diikat akn mngikot bentuk jurnal pd cam dn crankshaft tu dr segi tirus n bujor dia..stiap bentok jurnal brlainan..sbb tu kne psang piston dn kmudian pusing crank satu persatu dlu..rsenye cmtu la kot yg sy tau..

Thomas Venney said...


Justin I. Kearns said...

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jhon said...

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bele said...

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